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Why hire an Interior Designer ??

I feel that most people say that they can’t afford a Designer or they think that they are just going to get rid of everything in here and not listen to what I want. This is such a huge misconception; Designers actually help to keep you on budget and more importantly on time. We love working with pieces that are important to our clients; sometimes a whole room can be built on that painting that Uncle Jeffery painted or that trunk that Great Grandpa brought home from overseas. We are all about taking the stress out of the job for you but more importantly our training will ensure the right decisions are being made for your needs and wants.

People tend look for Interior Designers for a few different reasons…

Time- Life is busy and it is easy to just accept your home for what it is, when you are running around everywhere all of the time—it looks good in the dark when you finally get a chance to sit down.

Designers Block – You know you want to do something with your space but have no idea where to start.

Bounce Back – You know what you would like to do… but investing in your home can be costly, you want to make sure you are making the right choices.

Contacts-- Interior Designers have worked with an arsenal of tradesmen and can help you find the right team for the job.

The Wow Factor – Perhaps you are DIY’ers and you just completed a beautiful reno in your home. But you need help selecting those perfect accents to bring it from good to spectacular.

Function and Space Planning – something in your space is just not working and you know it… but can’t seem to put your finger on it.

They are Afraid -- You don’t cut your hair on your own, you go to a professional. You should have the same thinking for your home… a bad haircut can grow out a bad design decision in your home can become a costly nightmare to fix.

When clients do seek out my services I hear statements like “I have an idea of what I want” or “I love this, but how do I make it work in my home?" or my personal favorite “I know what I don’t like”. Interior Design is really just creative problem solving for your client. Of course you need to be a visual individual to see the end results you also need to know when to follow or break the rules but most importantly you need to be a good listener.

Just recently I was in an empty space; it was painted and had a wallpapered accent wall, that’s it. My client was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the space not knowing where to start, the only thing she was sure on was she wanted a cow hide rug in the room. As I talked her through the space she started gaining confidence on what she wanted and after talking to her for just under an hour I knew what she was looking for. I was able to go home and create a digital style board of the direction I saw the space going. She replied with “It’s amazing! I love everything” which is why I have the best job ever. I get to make a space that reflects each unique client and makes their design dreams come true. You could call me the Room Fairy God Mother but you don’t have to worry about midnight. Now my client has a solid plan of where the room is headed; she can start shopping on her own, she can go shopping with me or I can do all of the shopping and set up for her.

digital style board

So if you were skeptical or had never thought of hiring a designer you should really think again. We are here to work and design with you not for you! We can be involved only at the beginning or see the project out the whole way through. You have so many options available to ensure the room of your dreams.

I would love to assist you on your next project; give me a call and we can make a plan that suites your needs and budget.

As always remember CREATE, DESIGN, LOVE, REPEAT until next time.

-- Jessica Lena

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